RationalPlan Project Server

     Concurrent access for multiple users to company's central projects repository...

RationalPlan Project Server provides a centralized management of company's projects while offering concurrent/controlled access for different users.

The system consists of a central server (where projects are stored/accessed from/etc.), to be installed at the customer's site/network and multiple clients ("RationalPlan Multi Project" instances - which will connect to the server over the Internet/Intranet in order to view/update projects).

Using this server based architecture project managers get a project management software system with multi project and multi user management capabilities. Here is a short tutorial for RationalPlan Project Server.

If you are interested to give it a try and test it please fill in the contact form and we'll get back to you.

RationalPlan Project Server module requires Java 1.6 or higher and needs to be deployed into a Web server (basically it works on any Web server which implements Java Servlet Container but the current version was tested on Apache Tomcat). RationalPlan Multi Project needs Java 1.5 or later installed.

The web-based interface is supported on any browser including the four major ones: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome. However for the best performance and increased usabillity experience we recommend to use Firefox.

     Main features for RationalPlan Project Server:

Concurrent user project management software

Connect multiple users to RationalPlan Project Sever and work on a centralized data repository


List resources assignments
Update tasks

Users management

Create users and assign access rights

Projects repository

Load existing RationalPlan Multi Project files
Version management system

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